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Repairs and Installs avaliable:


  • Water Heater Replacement

Do you constantly not have enough hot water to meet your family’s needs? Is your water heater over 10 years old? Is your water heating bill particularly high? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it might be time to consider replacing or upgrading your current water heater. Perhaps you would like to upgrade to a new, tankless hot water heater and also save money on your utility bills. Regardless of your reasons, JR Pierce Plumbing is your best option for water heater replacement and retrofit. Since we purchase water heating systems in bulk, we get quantity discounts for these items and pass the savings on to you. As always, you can count on us for an honest assessment of your situation and the best, most cost-effective recommendation for a solution.


  • Water Heater Repair

Is your water heater leaking? Is your hot water too hot or cold? Have you performed routine maintenance on your hot water heater within the last 2 years? Our trained staff of service technicians can quickly and expertly identify all types of water heating problems, and affect repairs. Simply fill out a service request – or call the telephone number above.


  • Hot Water Recirculation Systems

Does it take too long for your water to get hot? Hot water recirculation systems automatically keep hot water in the lines of your house, so it is available within seconds of turning on your faucet. JR Pierce can retrofit your home with a hot water recirculation system - and end those problems forever. Just fill out a service request or call the number above!


  • Faucets and Sinks

JR Pierce Plumbing is pleased to supply faucets from all leading fixture manufacturers.  We specialize in faucets by Moen, Delta, Kohler and Price Pfister; and sinks by Kohler, Sterling, Elkay and Bootz as well as many other fine companies. 


  • Showers and Bath Tubs

Are you thinking about upgrading your existing bath to a whirpool?  Perhaps you are thinking about adding additional features or functions to your existing shower.  Whatever your bath/tub/shower needs, JR Pierce Plumbing is the right partner for your project.  We purchase from all of the major bath, shower and whirlpool manufacturers.  Companies like Kohler, Sterling, Florestone, Swanstone, Bootz, Aqua Glass, Jacuzzi and Maax.


  • Drain Cleaning and Repair

We use the absolute latest technology to diagnose and service your drain problems. First, we attempt to remove common blockages using a cable auger. Depending on the situation, we may also utilize hydro-jetting or high-tech video inspection equipment.


What is Hydro-jetting? This is the process of utilizing high-pressure water to cut through obstacles like grease, hair, soap and other materials that may be stuck in your drain pipes. It can also be beneficial for preventative maintenance purposes to clear out a slow moving drain – or to blast clean the interior of problem drains that regularly develop blockages.

What does it mean if we do a video inspection? This is a revolutionary camera system used to inspect the interior of your drain pipes. It is used to help identify the cause of a drain blockage and to assist our plumbing technician in pinpointing the appropriate course of action to take to remedy the situation. This tool is invaluable in identifying collapsed or crushed pipes, identifying root intrusion problems - and also to help diagnose the exact cause of regularly problematic and slow moving drain systems

If you have already had another plumber suggest that you need a complete drain replacement, give us an opportunity to give you a second opinion. We might just find that you don’t need a complete replacement - providing you with significant savings.

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Rocklin Ca. Corp 

Office Hours:

7:00 am to 4:00 pm 


Rocklin Corporate Office 

Company Phone: (916) 434-9554

Emergency Ph:      866 577-7586



Central Division

Office Phone:       (559) 252-0792

Emergency Ph:     800 568-7302


Nevada Division

Office Phone:       (775) 352-9500

Emergency Ph:      800 374-4518

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I've called them to:
1. Install new kitchen faucet
2. Install new shower head
3. Fix leak in toilet
4. Fix clogged garbage disposal
Each time the technician is prompt, efficient and courteous. Reasonably priced and quality work.
Local people doing excellent work

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